Charlottesville, Va. August 12, 2017

The days events unfold once again with little to no police intervention.  White Nationalists / Alt-Right groups and counter demonstrators were allowed to clash in the streets.  As the day's violence continued it escalated to a point where at least one person died and 18 people were injured. A silver dodge charger rammed through a crowd, smashed into another car, and then fled the scene.  There was some confusion as to who actually owned the vehicle.

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 James Alex Fields Jr was the man who owns the car that was used to run over anti-Nazi protesters in Virginia today.  While some reports coming out are saying he was surrounded, scared, and trying to get away, the video shows otherwise.  This was a terroristic attack and this whole rally was perpetrated with the intent to terrorize.  We can argue the driver's group affiliations and his intent, but if it wasn't for the "unite the right" rallies and their torch lit escapades, none of this would have happened. Sine qua non. 




Charlottesville, Va. August 11, 2017

On a warm August evening, members of "unite the right" led a torch-lit march through the streets of Charlottesville. They marched through the town and onto the University of Virginia campus. Hundreds of tiki-torches were being used and their fuel was pungent in the air. The white supremacist/ identity mob then surrounded a small group of counter demonstrators, circling them with their torches, and suddenly began to attack. The victims of the assault included women and disabled.  There was plenty of time for police to intervene and prevent injuries but they did not. As the evening's terroristic rampage ensued, many were maced. Some were both verbally and physically assaulted. It seemed like a lynch mob and the police were nowhere to be found. It is important to note "unite the right" members put out their own torches and the police didn't intervene.  This is being reported otherwise.

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