“Journalism is printing what someone else does not want printed: everything else is public relations.”  

                               - George Orwell



Mainstream news agencies are censoring their news reports out of fear of losing advertisers or being sued for slander. This results in incomplete narratives being created to control public opinion. To combat this issue, Renegade Media Collective is starting a network of independent journalists to create an underground news agency dedicated to capturing the details not being reported on.

Villainous acts of corporations go largely unseen because they control what comes on your tv.  These same corporations own your politicians.  This vicious cycle will continue until the renegades unite to take the people's power back.

Renegade Media Collective

I. We will not act out of fear.

II. We will always be nonviolent in our actions and commit no harm to any individuals.

III. We shall remain dedicated to preserving the truth with our media and our eye witness accounts.

IV.  We will not censor our stories because of private interests.

V.  We are not here to seek individual credit for our work. We are here to get untold stories out to the world.

VI. To join the collective, one must prove themselves with their contributed content and experience in the field.

VII. Renegades will mark any personal opinions in their posts as their own opinion.

VIII. Renegades may delete one another's posts.

IX. If a disagreement cannot be resolved, a coin flip will be used to determine course of action.

X.  Once a Renegade, always a Renegade.



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