Portland June 4, 2017 A Hate/ Love Story 

A white supremacist making clear his Alt-right ties, was arrested and charged for stabbing to death two men who, defended a pair of teenagers girls from his anti-Muslim insults on a city train. A third man was severely injured during the confrontation May 26.  Jeremy Christian, the man arrested and charged with murder, attended trump free-speech rallies in the community. Organizers thought it would be a good idea to have another rally right after the murder.  

June 4, 2017. Portland Oregon. We saw an Alt-right trump free speech rally surrounded by various anti- hate speech groups. In the center of the square was the trump rally. To the East were Labor unions organizations, with signs that proudly stated, " Portland Labor Stands Against Hate".  To the West was the Love army and general anti hate groups had music and chanting going . And to the North was Anti-Fa, looking intimidating and masked up.  The police were able to keep everyone separated for the most part. The day remained peaceful until allegedly, bottles were throw and police in riot gear used pepper spray guns, tear gas, and flash-bang grenades to move in on the Anti-fa side. They pushed everyone to the north and then kettled a small group of about 100 demonstrators, between two cross streets. They made official announcements that they were detaining everyone for, " an investigation " . The police took the majority of people's photograph and photographed their ID's then released them, but 14 arrests were made.  Renegade witnessed a journalist misreporting / spreading false information about the incident and confronted her. She then redacted her statements and correctly reported on what was happening.  Police action was aggressive and there was less violence than city officials and the NSA had anticipated.