Here is video evidence of some Renegades getting assaulted and thrown out of Politicon 2017! The gentleman we were interviewing wanted to do it in a room where only he had access, and we were not able to. So we did the interview right outside that room. After we finish some guy comes up, starts taking our pictures and doesn’t say anything to us. We were already leaving since had just wrapped the interview, at which point a woman with the convention center, finally says press can't be in the area. As we are walking out, the guy rips everyone’s passes off their necks instead of asking just asking for them. The Press pass is hard laminated plastic and metal. He did this with the intent to cause physical injury to us, an unwarranted touching, and imminent harmful or offensive contact. It was the definition of assault. He could have just asked for the passes as we were already leaving an event that was over. He didn’t have to assault a women for taking his picture after he just took our’s. He grabbed her camera, twisted it, and almost made her fall down the stairs.
Politicon was a joke. This 2 party system is a sham meant to divide and it’s perpetuated by the mainstream media. We should be able to vote on public policy with smartphones. Breaking! This just in… We are all just people and we are not as different as our TV’s would like us to believe. It was comical end to the day to say the least.