Shortly after midnight on Sunday, May 14th, officer Kenneth Lopera applied a choke that would prove fatal on  Tashii Farmer Brown in front the Venetian Hotel. Tashii was tazed more times then department policy allows, punched, and placed in a chokehold that is against department policy, until he passed away.  

His crime? Well, here’s the thing; the Las Vegas Metro Police Department says he would not have been arrested as he committed no crime (source video/statement from LVMD).  He was actually looking for help because he thought someone was chasing him then ironically the police officer started chasing him and tragically took his life.  This is sickening. The police should be the ones that help people but instead, they are killing those whom they swore to protect and serve.  

Despite no crime being committed, the initial media briefing by LVMPD would start with showing Farmer’s arrest record primarily from 20 years ago as well as a DUI in 2016. This would go on to shape public perception as the GoFundMe for Kenneth Lopera has raised $43,195 for his relief of duty fund while the GoFundMe to pay for the funeral set up by Tashii’s family reached $2,835 of an $8000 goal. While there has been some response from the community such as local activists blocking traffic on the Las Vegas strip to garner attention to the murder. The double standards continued at this particular event as a drunken man with his shirt off and a “Make America Great Again“ hat on, proceeded to attack the protesters. He allegedly pulled a knife out and threatened a female with it.  This shirtless, violent, drunken man was not arrested but the police arrested several of the protestors.

A couple days later those involved held, “ The People’s Press Conference” to respond to the events where a reporter from the Las Vegas Review journal asked one of the leaders from All Shades United, “ Why do you think the community hasn’t responded in outrage to the killing?”

He was some what chastised for asking this question.  But the response pointed right back to him, with All Shades United calling out the media for running a smear campaign on the victim.  

An officer, who had gotten in trouble for sexual assault, is whom the Las Vegas Metro Police Department sends out to bring up Tashii Farmer Brown’s past criminal history. This officer, Kevin McMahill, forced a woman to show her vagina to him and a group of other officers in exchange for her release. This is who they send out to bring up the victim's past in an attempt to justify the murder to the public.   

Police/ blue lives matter culture has created fear-based propaganda that promotes officers to exist in a constant state of panic.  Take a look at this promotional video…


We hear it quite often, “every time they go to work they might not come home” .  But is their fear/ hysteria justified by the numbers?  Every year dozens of officers are killed in the line of duty, the majority in traffic accidents. On the other hand they kill thousands of citizens every year, the majority of whom are unarmed. What is it about their fear of blackness that makes them so trigger happy?   Amongst the 20 deadliest jobs, logging workers scored the title of the deadliest job. Roofers, recycling collectors, farmers, construction workers, and taxi drivers were all ranked as more deadly jobs than working as a police officer.

If someone is so scared they have to shoot first and ask questions later, they need to turn in their badge immediately. This is one of several cases recently where people looking for help from the police have been killed instead.  


An older African American gentlemen named Walter, was telling me how he was a police officer for decades after he got back from Vietnam.  When I asked him about Tashii Farmer Brown, he said it’s a dangerous job everyday they don’t know if they will go home to their family. But is it less scary to be a African American cop then it is to be a Caucasian cop?